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Wednesday, July 18, 2018



Interest Rates as of 03/01/2017

Loan Type

Rate as low as*


New Vehicle
Current and two prior year models.
(Mileage restrictions may apply)
Used Vehicle


 Older than three prior year models.
(Mileage restrictions may apply)
New/Used Recreational Vehicle
Boat-Motor-Trailer-Motor Home-Travel Trailer-Pop Up Camper-ATV-UTV-Tractor-Personal Watercraft-or other recreational type vehicles   


Contact credit union for more details.


Signature Loan
 Contact credit union for more details. 
Credit Card/Line of Credit
Contact credit union for more details.
Share/Certificate Secured -Maintain a balance in your share savings account that is equal to the balance of your loan.
***Interest rates determined by the loan term and the annual percentage yield of the deposit account being pledged to secure the loan.
Tuition - Primary and secondary education only.      

Members can borrow an additional $500 per student, for books, uniforms and incidentals. The check for this additional amount will be payable to borrower. 


Annual Loan Specials



Limited time only

New Year Special: January - April 
Summer Special: May - August
Holiday Special: September - December


Payday Alternative Loans 25.25%

Short term, Small amount loans - Contact credit union for details.

Credit Re-builder

Proceeds of loan are deposited to share savings and maintained in the account until loan balance is paid in full (100% secured).
*Interest rates above reflect lowest interest rates available and may be as high as 18% APR based on information obtained from your credit application and credit report.  Interest rates are subject to change without prior notice and may be different than those stated above. Loan amounts may vary based on individual credit history. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is fixed for all loans. Actual interest rates on closed end loans may vary based on member qualifying for a rate discount including Online Application, Credit Life, Credit Disability, Loyalty Discount (.25% discount with the enrollment in all five (5) of the following La Terre FCU services: Share Draft/Checking, Direct Deposit, Debit Card, Online Banking, and Online Bill Pay), GAP and Warranty. Interest rate discounts will be applied to the borrower’s APR at closing, and not the APRs listed above.


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